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              Current | fuse | insurance tube fuse
              Temperature fuse Thermal Cutoff
              Temperature Switch
              Since the recovery fuse | recoverable fuse
              Automotive fuse
              fuse holder auto fuse holder
              Thermistor | Temperature Sensor
              Fuse with household appliances
              Deputy foreign brands
              Transient suppression diode
              Current | fuse holder| insurance tube fuse
              SIBA fuse
               SWEFUSE Electric fuse | high-voltage fuse
              ◇ ETI
              FERRAZ FUSE
              ITALWEBER fuse


            changzhou shengming Electronic Components
            (Chengdu ShengWeier Electronic Components) Co., Ltd. is a professional production of the current fuses (including glass tube, glassy style closure, patch type), fuse blocks (folder), temperature fuse, temperature control, thermal protection, temperature control switches, temperature switch, ceramics of insurance, since the resumption of fuses, fuse inserted auto-mounting fuse, thermistor, varistors, discharge tube, insurance components. And according to different customer requirements customized insurance components, and products are widely used in our current supplies, switching power supply, computers, telephones, household appliances, communication products, various kinds of electronic equipment, and electrical components, electrical products and various kinds of small appliances electrical products for thermal protection, the electrical products indispensable for the security of accessories, most of the company's products by UL, CSA, VDE, CCC, the PSE and other regulatory certification and RoHS environmental certification is widely used in the export market to Europe and the United States household appliances, lighting, computer peripheral equipment and wire rod processing industries. this company has passed ISO9001: 2000 certification (UKAS: 23457), the feed from raw materials, production processes to the finished product testing and so strictly according to ISO management system implementation. in the quality first, the customer first and dedicated service to our customers.

               Corporation has top technical staff and advanced testing equipment to ensure stability in the quality of products, product reliability, durability. Company philosophy is: "professional focus, the hert service."
               In addition the company also other types of agents of the various large-scale manufacturers have made products fuse UL, CSA, BSI, UR, CUL, VDE, TUV, PSE, CE, CCC, IMQ, FI, ROHS and other international safety certification. You are welcome to call the communication negotiate ~!
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            ADD:Hengshan Road, New North District Changzhou hi-tech park industrial zone
            Tel:051981690383 83729393 83713321 全天電話 18961129138 Fax:0519-82076081


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